History of Ceuta’s Port

The entrance to Ceuta is essentially by sea and therefore the port is their first source of income. It is for this reason that the port was constructed which, at present, continues to grow in line with the modern transport and transfer requirements. Within the port, the previous “Trade Dock” was first converted into a fisherman’s harbour and then later into a Yachting Harbour in order to meet the increasing demand for moorings for pleasure boats and small-sized vessels.

The port is situated in the industrial centre of the city. Therefore it is especially attractive and much appreciated by visitors as all amenities and facilities are at hand. A little bit further away, you can take a rest with a companion or a good book.  The Yachting Harbour is actually taking on an image of a summer urbanization in which people from many nationalities and conditions are living together including with the residents of the city so that they can share experiences, opinions, drinks, and basically share their free time and relaxation.