Services of Marina Hércules

The Yachting Harbour of Ceuta has magnificent facilities and equipment designed both for the boats that dock in the port for the night as well as for the rest of the users.

  • Special offers on moorings for larger boats in transit.
  • Moorings for boats in transit and in the home port, for a longer period of time.
  • Services de dépôt d’emabarcations et de motos en cale sèche.
  • Dry-dock services for vessels and motors.
  • Catering services; university maritime investigation; sailing, diving and fishing clubs.
  • Headquarters of Ceuta’s Sports and Nautical Station Institute ‘Instituto Ceutí de Deportes y Estación Náutica’.
  • Moorings for jet skis (service available in summer, expandable in places and offers).
  • Fuel dock. Fuelling services both of diesel and petrol. Timetable: 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 8 pm (extended to 12 hours during summertime).
  • Car parking. We have big parking spaces at the Yachting Harbour, as well as offers for parking rental for both members and any other users. Click here to see our parking offers.
  • WIFI Internet access provided to us by Gowex in all our facilities. 
  • Laundry facilities available for the users of the port. Open 24 hours.
  • Beaching and launching of boats.
  • Water and mud bailing and pump-out services.
  • Surveillance and security service 24 hours a day.
  • Ship on tow. Marina Hércules has a ship available to tow boats from their point of breakdown to our port facilities.
  • Maintenance services.
  • Electricity and water in the moorings. All moorings have water and electricity supply complete with universal adaptors.
  • Refuse collection.
  • Reserve your mooring online. Fill in the form and make your online reservation.