Guide d’entreprises

Directory of companies and professionals in the city of Ceuta.

Company Phone
1 Submarine Research Laboratory of the University of Seville

Engaged in analysis of marine bio-indicators that allow detecting possible future changes in the ecosystem and focused on the supervision of Protected Marine Areas (PMA).

2 Gran Azul Watergame

Engaged in setting up and fomenting a culture of knowledge and conservation of the marine environment and an infrastructure of subaquatic activities services. One of the few companies in Spain in possessing rebreathers technology.

629594753 – 673630400 gran_azul_watergames.jpg.
3 Sailing club VENDAVAL

Club engaged in the promotion and improvement of nautical activities.

4 Yacht Club of Ceuta

Club engaged in all nautical activities related to the exploration and discovering of the marine biodiversity of Ceuta.

639106644 – 625597575
5 Fishing Club Sirena Diving

Fishing club engaged in promoting fishing activities in Ceuta.

639106644 –956510066
6 Restaurant for fried-fish and seafood “El Cartuchete”

Restaurant specialized in fish and seafood.

602 578 756
7 Hércules Servicios Generales de Integración

A company committed to helping people with disabilities or special needs to obtain jobs and become integrated into the working world.

956 52 50 01
8 Sports Institute of Ceuta

Autonomous organism engaged in the promotion and organization of sports activities and events.

956 519242 – 956 519149956 513824
9 Ceuta’s Water Sports Centre

A tourist destination that specializes in nautical tourism. Information and assessments in nautical sports available.

628 867 497
10 Tourist Information Centre Ceuta – DESTINATION CEUTA

A company engaged in the promotion of Ceuta as tourist destination.

856 200 560